My Airpods won’t connect to my iPhone! Here’s the fix

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Not able to pair the airpods then this here is the fix for you in this blog we will tell you the simple and easy ways which you can try to solve your problem of airpods not connecting

Reasons because of which AirPods are not connecting – 

  1. Due to low battery airpods won’t connect

  2. Bluetooth of the device turned off or not working in a proper manner 

  3. The device not working properly 

  4. The device need an update in the software 

  5. The AirPods are stuck in the mode of pairing and not getting out 

Solutions to fix Airpods not connecting – 

If you are not able to connect apple airpods pro then you need to look at the solutions we have listed below for you which is going to help you for sure. 

  1. In case your Airpods are not charged you need to charge the airpods you are using so that once the AirPods are charged properly you can use them to listen to music and whatever you want to connect the device.

  2. If the device you are using is not working properly then you surely need to look for the updates in the software and update the software to the latest version which is available to fix the problem. 

  3. Make sure to turn on the Bluetooth of your device before you are tying to attach your AirPods to it so that it could work properly. 

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