Guide on How to fix Yahoo Mail Attachment Issue

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Yahoo has seen some of the best and the worst of days in recent weeks. Read this blog till the end to know about a simple mail issue that is causing inconvenience to Yahoo users along with ways to fix it.

Here are some simple solutions that can be used to fix when Yahoo mail is not downloading attachments with relative ease.

Methods to fix Yahoo mail downloading issue

  • Via updating the web browser: You can start by checking the browser version as the first and foremost step in terms of troubleshooting. In case your web browser is not updated to the latest version, you will be unable to open or download Yahoo mail attachments. So, make sure to update it to the latest version.

  • By installing the Adobe reader: In case you are finding it difficult to open the file attachment, try downloading the Adobe reader to get rid of this issue.

  • Via the installation of your anti-virus program: In case the above-mentioned methods are of no help to you, you can try to disable the firewall and all the other protective programs that are installed in your system. This may prevent your software from opening the email attachment.

  • By restarting your system: This may sound pretty simple but has been proved as one of the most effective solutions by many users. Restarting the system will also help in fixing any sort of internet connectivity issues.

  • Via disabling browser plugins: If none of the above-mentioned methods are of help, you can try to disable all of the browser plugins as they may be the cause of the issues with the Yahoo mail attachment in the first place. Simply do so, and then restart your web browser to fix this issue.

These simple methods can help users to fix Yahoo issues without much fuss.

For any further info or queries regarding the same, you may contact the help and support team of Yahoo or you may visit the website of Ityug247 to get answers to your queries.

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