How to Recover Deleted Facebook Account?

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Social media can swing people's moods these days. It is such a prominent part of our lives and controls our emotions to that degree.

Hence, people delete and reinstall Facebook accounts all the time.

There can be several reasons to delete Facebook accounts. However, if you’re confused about whether you can recover a deleted Facebook account or not? Well, you can.

Facebook keeps all the Deleted accounts for a fixed duration of time. The duration is 30 days. But, in case you wish to recover your account and you wonder How To Recover Deleted Facebook Accounts Before 30 Days, then read the entire article.


Step 1: Go to the Facebook website.

Step 2: Enter your ID and Password.

Step 3: Select the login option to open your Facebook account. Keep in mind that the process should be completed within 30 days of deleting your Facebook account.

Step 4: When your ID & Password is submitted, you’ll receive a prompt that will consist of two choices to choose from: Confirm Deletion or Cancel Deletion. Choose the Cancel Deletion option.

Step 5: This would effortlessly recover a deleted Facebook account in just a few moments. Start accessing your Facebook account in the normal way. Everything that you shared on Facebook. That means posts, photos, videos will be the exact way you left. I hope this answers your 'How To Recover Deleted Facebook Account' question.

In some scenarios, they may ask you to verify your identity, which can be done by Identifying your friends, depending on the photos they are tagged. They may ask you to submit the date of birth or name or reply to other security-related questions.

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