How to signup and log in to TikTok Account?

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Tiktok is an in-demand entertainment that gives a person a free platform to express their inner talents, Now you can easily create a free TikTok account and also use the easy methods for TikTok login. You can easily sign up or TikTok login with a username To do so, just follow the guide.

3 Methods to create free Tiktok account are mentioned below:

Method 1: To create a free TikTok account using a phone number, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Tiktok app

Step 2: Tap on the “me” tab

Step 3: Now, tap on the username bar  at the top

Step 4: Click on Add Account 

Step 5: Tap on “ Use phone or Email” and enter your birthdate 

Step 6: Enter your phone number and verify the code by entering it under the Tiktok account that you are creating.

Method 2: To create a free TikTok account using an email address, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Tiktok app

Step 2: Tap on the “Me” tab at the bottom right

Step 3: Tap on the username section of the screen, now click on Add account 

Step 4: Tap on “Use phone or email”, enter your birth date and click on the Email tab from the top screen

Step 5: Enter your active email address and tap on the Next tab.

Step 6: Enter your Tiktok password, and tap on the Next tab

Step 7: Finally, enter your Tiktok username and tap on Sign up for a new account creation

Method 3: To create a Tiktok account through another app, 

Open Tiktok App> Tap on “Me”> Tab on username> Tap on Add Account>Create Tiktok by clicking on any social media app, as per your preference.

How To Tiktok Login?

Go to TikTok app>Click on me tab at lower right>Click on Sign up>Click on login select “Use Phone or Email”>Enter login number and verify code

How to Tiktok Login with username?

Open Tiktok App>click on me icon at low right>click on Sign up>Click onLogin>Select from use phone/email/udernmae> enter username and password

How to find a tiktok user without username?

There are four methods to do that, these methods are listed as follows:

  1. San Tik Tok QR Code

  2. Check your contact list 

  3. See for them under Facebook friends 

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