How to fix outlook can’t connect to Gmail?

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This is the way, how you can remove the error while connecting your Gmail with Outlook. 

How to fix outlook can’t connect to Gmail?

There are many users who are dealing with issues of Gmail won’t connect to Outlook and they are looking for ways which can help them fix this error. 

The users do not need to worry as in this blog they are going to find answers to all the questions as in this blog we are going to provide the users with the ways which the users can use when they want to fix this error so let us begin with the same.  

Ways to fix Gmail not connecting to Outlook

 If Outlook can’t connect to Gmail server then the users need to check the IMAP settings in Gmail and ensure that all the settings are to the point. 

For this the users need to first login into their Gmail account and then they need to tap on the small gear they see on the top right corner of the screen on the screen of the users. 

The users now are supposed to press the option of see all settings following which the users need to tap on the option of forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. 

In this step the users need to ensure that the IMAP status is enabled for the mail then only they will be able to fix Outlook cannot connect to Gmail

Once the users have enabled the IMAP they will see that they do not need to worry about troubles with Gmail anymore as following these steps properly will fix the issues for the users which they are facing. 

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