About Facebook Jail – How to Get Out if Facebook Account is Blocked

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites with millions of users accessing this site. However, everyone accessing the app will not follow all the guidelines that are set by Facebook. So they had to go through the Facebook jail process. 

What is this Facebook jail?

When Facebook bans or blocks users from accessing their own account, it is mentioned as Facebook jail. 

Reasons for people users put into Facebook jail:

Before looking for the steps to come out of facebook jail, users must learn the reason for being in FB jail. So that, they can prevent going into it further. 

  • When you spam by sending too many friend requests or posting one after the other on groups is also a cause.

  • Fb violates content like inappropriate, nudity, or explicit content to be posted. 

  • A single account will be logged in from multiple devices. In this case, it is made just to secure your account.

  • If FB realizes that you have been using a fake account, then it might be a reason. 

How do I realize that I’m in FB jail?

  1. You will not be able to post in your timeline or any groups or pages.

  2. Prohibited from liking others' posts and pictures.

  3. Also, you cannot comment on any of the posts in Facebook.

  4. Fail to access your account or page. 

Method to get away from the jail: 

Now as we have seen various causes for people being in FB jail, let’s also see how to get out of facebook jail

Method 1 wait for 2 days:

People can be in Facebook jail for 2 days to years. So just wait for 2 days; if your account is recovered in 2 days, then you are lucky enough to get out of facebook jail free card. If not, go to method 2. 

Method 2 Appeal: 

If you think that you are in FB jail by mistake, then you can appeal via mail or through the FB help center. 

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