How do I stop YouTube from pausing?

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YouTube has been the only means of entertainment when everyone is locked inside during the covid pandemic. YouTube keeps everyone entertained and the best part about it is it comes free of cost but an internet connection is mandatory. Feeling bored then check out some exciting videos on YouTube media. 

But hey think of a situation when you woke up and to your surprise the YouTube video paused and you are in the mid of your favorite song.  

So, what are the possibilities that triggered YouTube video paused while you continue watching :

1.Trigger warning, having a weak internet connection will obviously lead to this issue without any fail.

2.The video which you are trying to play might be infected with some kind of virus due to which the video might not play.

3.Try switching onto a different browser, sometimes using a different browser might work well for the same video.

4.An overloaded browser may also cause the YouTube video to lag.

5.Try to play one video at a time so as to stop YouTube from pausing.

In order to get rid of the issue follow the basic quick fix so as to avoid the situation in near future. Give it a good read:

1.Try updating the adobe flash player, as switching to the latest version will obviously help you out to get rid of the problem.

2.Keep your browser clean and make sure you update the browser at the required time.

3.Simply delete or uninstall the extensions that have been of use to you so far.

4.Try updating the video card driver to its latest version.

5.Switch to a better internet connection service.

Also, the best to watch videos and stop YouTube from pausing you may simply download the videos, this is the permanent and I would say the best possible way to solve the issue. Try switching to an application by the name “Wonder Fox Video Converter Factory Pro” which basically helps you out by solving the YouTube lagging issue, it is much stable as compared to those free video downloaders and there is nothing wrong to use this facility which is user friendly at the same time. This was all you need to know in reference to the blog make sure you give this blog a good read and don’t miss out on any information.


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