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Facebook is one of the most used social networking apps by the young generation. So while using this app the most common issue we have come across is that can we see who views my Facebook profile?

So the answer to the most frequently asked question is ‘NO’. despite being the most used app of the generation, Facebook privacy policies don’t allow their users to know who viewed their Facebook profile.

The answer to this question comes from Facebook only, when we check the help center of the Facebook app their Facebook reports that “no, Facebook does not let people keep track of who views their profile. Any third party app also cannot provide such a feature and if you come to know about any such app that claims to let you the persons who viewed your profile kindly report such app for further action.”

You can report the app that promises to do such things, for reporting the app

  1. you can log into your Facebook account.

  2. After logging in, select settings and go to App and website.

  3. Then search the app name in the search field.

  4. Now select view and exit exactly next to the app name.

  5. Select give feedback and report the app and select next

  6. Select Done to finish reporting the app.

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