How Do I Get my Suspended Twitter Account Back?

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Some of the people have faced issues while accessing their account and later on they realize that their Twitter account suspended.

There are not many people who get the exact way to get their account back and that’s why they are asking questions like how to unsuspended twitter accountSo, here in this article, we will be looking up the methods so that they can fix their problems. 

Methods to fix the problems that you are facing – 

  1. You first need to login into Twitter either using the browser or by using the app. 

  2. In the next step, you need to click on the tap button so that you can start. 

  3. To get rid of suspended twitter account you then have to click on the Verify option to verify your account and its details.

  4. Now you have to fill in your phone number or you can also fill in your email address too. 

  5. Then look for the verification code and fill it up and as soon as you have hit the submit button you can access your account. 

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