What is the difference between instagram restrict vs block?

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If you wish to know what does restrict do on insta and how it is different from block then this is the correct place for you to get the details. 

Restricting a person on Instagram 

When you restrict someone on Instagram they will not be able to comment on your posts but they will still be able to see them and the comments on them. 

They cannot see your visibility on the platform, and their messages will directly go to the message requests.

Blocking someone on Instagram 

While restricting still allows the other person to look at your profile, the blocking feature blocks them completely and they will not even be able to look for your profile on the platform, also they will not be able to message you since they are not able to find your profile. 

The major difference between ig restrict vs block is that in restrict the person can still tag you, mention you, send and receive messages, etc but when someone is blocked all the activities are clearly blocked and they can contact you in no possible way. 

We believe that you will get to know the difference between both the features well through the details which are there in this blog. 

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