How Do I Download And Save A YouTube Video?

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Almost all of us use YouTube to watch videos but not always and everywhere we can get a good internet connection to watch YouTube videos. This is the reason why people save YouTube videos to watch them offline when they do not have access to the internet. 

Method 1. To use a video downloader 

The users can use a video downloader to download the videos. The users can use the YouTube videos downloader like 4K video downloader which will help you to download the videos from Facebook after installing the 4K video downloader. 

Method 2. Download the videos directly from the YouTube 

  • The users first need to open their device and then look for the YouTube application of your device, once you find it you have to open the app.

  • After you have opened the application you have to search for the video you wish to download in the search bar. 

  • Now, if you are wondering how to download YouTube videos, then it is not very hard to do so. 

  • Open the video you have searched for once you will open the video you will find a download option below the video. 

  • You have to click on that download option and then you will have to select the quality in which you want to download the video. 

  • Now, wait for the video to download, once downloaded you can watch it offline anywhere and anytime you want to. 


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