How do I sign in to my Comcast email?

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Comcast email was introduced by Comcast Corporation that provides the internet, cable television, telethon, and other telecommunication and mass media services. Comcast corporation is known to be the largest telecommunication service provider in the USA. email was introduced by the company to make it easy for their customers to keep a track of their bills and timely payment, to keep a record of their data usage, and to provide the customers with an easy medium to get technical support from the Comcast team when needed. However, many people got confused while doing the Comcast email sign in, as most people are not aware of the fact that Comcast email is now branded as Xfinity.

In order to do the login, the following are the steps that you have to follow:

  1. First of all, open any browser of your choice on your device.

  2. Since, Comcast is renamed as Xfinity, therefore, visit the Xfinity email sign in page.

  3. There, the form will be present for doing the login.

  4. Enter your email address or mobile number or username associated with your account in the first text box, and the password in the second.

  5. If you want to stay signed in, select the “Stay signed in” button.

  6. Click on the “Sign in “button to enter your Xfinity dashboard.

  7. Within it click on the “Mail” option from the top menu bar, to go to the mail dashboard.


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