How Do I Fix Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails?

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In case if you are waiting to receive an important email on your yahoo but even after waiting for hours if you did not receive any mail, then this is for you. Users of yahoo complain in recent times that at times they do any receive any mail. That led them to question ‘why is Yahoo mail not loading emails?For this first, we may have to find the cause for Not Receiving Yahoo Emails


  • When the server of Yahoo is down, you will not get any emails.

  • When your email is encountered with some sort of issue, you won’t receive any mail.

  • When you set the wrong filters.

  • When your system faces some issues.

  • When there is an issue in your browser.

How do I fix it?

When you are not getting Yahoo Mail then you must try fixing up the following steps:

Step:1 Check your internet connection, there are times when it seems like there is a strong connection but actually there will be a weak network. So watch any videos to find whether you are facing any network issues.

Step:2 Go to any website to see whether the yahoo server is down. If it is any server problem, then you have to wait until the server comes back to normal; you need not do anything.

Step:3 Yahoo has a feature that when it sees a mail which it considers as unwanted it will not allow that mail to enter into your inbox instead it will directly go to Yahoo spam. Check your spam list, if you see your mail that you are looking for then don’t forget to remove that user from the spam list. 

Step:4 Clear your cookies and caches or try to restart your device or try logging into your account through some other browser.

Step:5 If you have entered the IMAP, SMTP, or POP settings incorrectly then you cannot get access to your Yahoo email account.

 After trying all these steps, if you still have such an issue kindly call the yahoo agents. 

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