Why Is One AirPod Louder Than The Other?

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one airpod louder than the otherIf your one Airpod is not working properly and you are looking for why is one airpod louder than the other then read this post to the end.

There could be many reasons behind this issue. Let’s study the reasons and some of the quick fixes to resolve this issue.

  1. Clear your Airpods

If one airpod louder than the other, it's probably because earwax, dirt, and dust have accumulated on the speaker of your AirPods and within the charging port. Your AirPods sound quality can be significantly affected even by a thin covering of earwax. So, you must clean your AirPods from time to time. To gently clean your AirPods, use a clean, dry toothbrush or you can use a Q-Tip. 

  1. Reset your Bluetooth

If cleaning your AirPods does not solve your problem then check your Bluetooth connection. If it is possible that it is connected properly with your AirPods. Follow the steps provided below to reset your Bluetooth.

  • Navigate to Settings and choose Bluetooth.

  • Turn off your Bluetooth and wait a short while.

  • After that, turn on your Bluetooth again.

  • Connect your AirPods again with Bluetooth.

  1. Reset Network setting

It is also possible that there is no issue inside your AirPods but there is something wrong with your iPhone network. You must reset the network setting on your iPhone to resolve the issue or you can simply turn off your iPhone by pressing the power button.

Follow the guidelines below to reset the network settings.

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.

  • Scroll down and select the "General" option.

  • Click the Reset button present at the bottom of the page.

  • At last, select “Reset Network Settings.”

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This is a free website created with hPage.com.