How to tell If Facebook is Down? Know What to Do

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Not being able to open your facebook account can be problematic at times. And you start to wonder is facebook down today or it's your computer. There can be many reasons for not being able to connect with your facebook. Generally, you can’t figure out whether your facebook is acting up or is it a global issue. 

How to tell If Facebook is Down    

When facing questions like is facebook down for you or for everyone, follow the different methods written below to get your answers.

  1. The very first idea is to check the official facebook platform status page. This page gives information about all the activities of facebook and mentions all facebook problems.

Note that facebook is the host of this page, so if they are facing any problem the information may not be brand new.


  1. Another method is to be on the lookout for any new update about facebook on twitter. You can try searching up tweets like #facebookdown or #facebookdowntoday. Try to find information with recent timestamps to establish if various other people have facebook problems today. You can also check the official Twitter page of facebook regarding any new updates. 

  2. You can also use a third-party status checker to determine the functioning of facebook. When the other methods don’t work, this can be helpful.

 If no other complaints or reports are there then the problem could be with your device or network.

You can check your facebook status by the methods given or if you want more information you can refer to the site Ityug247.


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