Why is sound not working on YouTube?

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YouTube is the best portal for entertainment point of view these days. When each one of us is locked during the covid pandemic YouTube videos id keeping each one of us entertained without any fail. Apart from that, the company is known for videos only. Wherein anyone can share and watch the videos of their own choice without any bars.

It might happen that you have planned to binge watch a movie with your family and popcorns are ready/you are excited beyond the level to taste the tandoors you have just got out of the fridge and you finally the play of your choice but boom there is no sound on YouTube. It must be disheartening and I feel you completely, so I have written this blog in reference to the same issue. I know that YouTube is a big name in itself but hey problem can be anywhere and anytime. So, you should know the quick fix so your weekend does not spoil your mind again. So don’t miss out on the information.

Well, the major reason can be simply your web browser, I m serious few browsers can be troublesome. Although many browsers by the name of Mozilla and explorer rocks at the same time many suck. So the next reason can be low internet connectivity, watch out with your internet before you are planning a weekend bash with your family. Because if there is no internet then everything is going to fail. Whereas it is advisable that you try opening some other videos too, now this is basically done so as to keep track of the video as it might be the video you have just opened might have some kind of defect. So, it is good to search for alternatives side by side as sticking to a single option is not always good. Apart from that, there is a high chance that you might not hear the sound when you are using it on a windows system and you should know that this problem occurs when you are using the defective device. So, the only solution to tackle this issue is fixing the YouTube audio problem for that you will have to select and press the windows and “w” key altogether. Once you are done with the process your problem will be nearly resolved keep track of that and hopefully, the problem won’t reappear, even if it does you know how to get rid of it. 

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