Why is my Facebook not working?

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Facebook is one of those apps without which you cannot live. You use this app to connect to your friends, family, coworkers, and other people. So it is hard to bounce back when you see Facebook is not workingThere are a few easy steps that you can look into to resolve your matter. 

So first you have to make sure that the Facebook app is fully updated in the google play store. Facebook sometimes pushes out an update to its app for security updates. The older versions of the app can stop functioning. For this, you have to open settings and check your storage. If your device has a storage of less than 100 Mb you have to clear some space to allow the app to update.

Sometimes the notifications on Facebook are also closed and due to this, you face some issues. For resolving this you have to follow some steps which are mentioned below to resolve the problem. You have to go to Settings›Applications›Facebook›Notifications. You have to make sure Facebook is allowed to post notifications.

To make sure you are always using the latest version of this app, you will have to turn on automatic updates for the app. To do this step you have to open the google play store app and search for Facebook. Once you select it tap the ellipsis in the right corner and place a checkmark in the auto-update box.

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