How to Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook Android?

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Are you a Facebook user and want to know how to hide mutual friends on FacebookIf the answer is yes, then this is the ideal blog for you because in this blog we are going to teach you how you can hide the friends you have in common with your other friends on Facebook. 

So, without any delay let us begin with it. 

Steps to hide friends on Facebook android device 

For the initial step you are required to open your device and then launch Facebook app on it. 

Once Facebook app is opened you must log in to your account if you haven’t done so yet, so that we can proceed ahead to the other step. 

After you have logged into your device you will get to home page of your account from where you have to click on the menu icon, which will be there at the very right side of the screen on the top. 

A list will appear in front of you from which you have to hit on settings and privacy, and once you do it you will have to now select settings tab. 

Under settings tab make sure to click on privacy settings which will be the first option under privacy. 

On the screen you will some option, you have to tap on the option of who can see your friends list section to hide mutual friends on Facebook. 

 Following this check mark on only me section which means that only you can see the mutual friends of your account on Facebook.  

Lastly, save the changes to finish the procedure to change the settings you can also ask your friends to hide the mutual friends list and set it to only me. 

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