How to get back your Instagram aaccount when it’s disabled, hacked?

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When it comes to popularity, Instagram is at the top of the podium. Being locked out of your account when it’s disabled or hacked can be a very scary scenario. Fortunately, it is quite easy to get back your Instagram login id in such cases.

Why was the Account disabled?

You may wonder why Instagram disabled my account for no reason, so here we can tell you a few. First of all, if your account is disabled you will receive a pop-up message the next time you log in. Violating community guidelines or terms of use of Instagram may get your account disabled.

Methods to recover the account

When you received the message that your account is disabled, you will also get the option of learning more with it. This will guide you through the methods to recover your account back. 

To get back the account, you will have to pass the Instagram appeal process. You can submit your appeals on the official contact page of Instagram. Instagram can ask for a selfie in return as a verification step during the process.

However, the process won’t cut it for you if you have broken some major rules of the Instagram policies. This process can also be a lot of time taking, so it is also recommended to make a new Instagram account.

So, if you are stuck on the question: Why is my Instagram account disabled; look at your posts and content again and make sure you are following the rules. For more information on the same issue, visit Ityug247.


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