How to Get It Back Facebook Suspended Account?

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Facebook is a quite popular platform used by people to share their moments and posts. But Facebook has some rules and regulations too and if you will not follow them your account might be deleted or suspended. There are many people who do not know how to recover their Facebook suspended account.

  1. Identity needs to be confirmed

The first thing any user should do is to confirm your identity so that you can access your account. Usually for the facebook disabled my account phone number is required along with some of the personal details like your birth date or some other thing. Whereas if we look on the other hand at the disabled account a photo identification is required. 

  1. An appeal should be filed 

If you are facing “Facebook Not Working” then you should file an appeal. You can access this appeal from the Help section which you will see when you will open the Facebook page. You can also access it when you will get a disabled account notice when it appears on your screen. 

  • The first step to file an appeal is to enter your full legal name along with your birthday. 

  • And then you have to attach a copy of your identity card. 

  • Then, Facebook will contact you regarding it by the information provided by you. 

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