How to Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger

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Oops! Mistakenly deleted some messages? But wish to recover them now? Whether you have deleted your messenger chats willingly or mistakenly, it needs to exercise some tactics to recover them. Even after trying several ways, you are unable to find some texts on Facebook and suspect that you might have deleted them. Follow this article without bothering you anymore. 

This article will help you recover deleted Facebook messenger messages in the best effective ways. Read ahead and try the given suggestions to know how to recover deleted messages on Messenger

Ways to Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages 

If you don’t wish to ask your individual Messenger contacts to send you the chat history, try the ways mentioned below to know how to recover deleted messages on Facebook.

  1. Check the Archived Chats 

If you have selected the archive rather than delete message option, the chats can be recovered. 

  1. Open Messenger and go to the profile option. 

  2. Select archive chats> the chat you wish to recover and long press on it.

  3. Click on unarchive.

  1. Download the Facebook Data 

Even if you have deleted the messages, Facebook keeps them on its server for a specific time period. Download the Facebook data to recover deleted messages on messenger. 

  1. Open Messenger and go to the Account Settings option. 

  2. Navigate Your Facebook Information> Download Profile Information

  3. Check the Messages box and click on the create profile blue button. 

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