What is about: Blank, and How do you Remove it?

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Not everyone knows what about: blank is for this answer we would like to tell you that it refers to the empty means blank and empty never harms your computer or your device. It is a blank page that is an inbuilt page in your web browser and has nothing connected to the internet and has a browser tab be it Firefox, chrome, edge, safari, or any other browser. 

You might be wondering that what causes about blank? This is only a blank page of the browser and it does not trouble the users much but still many users want to solve this and fix this. However, it is totally normal to see this blank page on the browser as it poses no harm to your device, to your browser, or any other thing. 

So, those who are guessing about how do I fix Google chrome : about blank? So, we will provide the steps for you. 

  1. For the initial step, the users have to go to the menu option, and then once you are on the menu option you have to click on the Settings option. 

  2. After the settings option the users have to look down for the On startup option and then click on it startup option and then later on you have to click on the option saying Open the new tab page. 

  3. Or the other option could be to delete the about blank option from the web pages and select your favorite web page and then you can continue to further use the browser without the blank. 

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This is a free website created with hPage.com.