Computer Restarts When Playing Games- How to Fix?

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Have fear of what is happing to your pc. When your pc randomly restarts while gaming.No.problem it's not having that issue you just have to view this method and apply it to your pc that it. But for applying methods you have to. read the whole blog, my friend.

1. Update Your window

pc restarts when playing games maybe the sign your software is showing you to update your pc.

That your pc is not up to date with your game.

Tap Windows + S, type "update" in the discourse box, and open the application.

Presently Settings will be opened up. Click the button Check for refreshes. Now your PC will consequently check for any most recent updates accessible and introduce them on your PC.

2. Remove GPU 

Typically, every client who encountered this issue hosted a third-get-together GPU introduced (like NVIDIA or AMD) on his PC. Even though these are far better than typical in-form GPUs, there are examples where they probably won't be viable with the framework or having issues all alone. In this article, we will explore the gadget chief debilitate the outsider GPU and check whether this fixes the issue.

Press Windows + R, type "devmgmt. MSC" in the exchange box, and press Enter.

Search for Display connectors, right-click on the illustrations card, and press Disable gadget.

Remove GPU

In the wake of impairing the gadget, restart your PC and check on the off chance that the issue endures.

3. Checking Processor 

The heatsink and the processor on your PC. Typically, assuming your PC restarts when playing a game, it is consequently expected that the PC overheats so much that it plays out a crisis restart.

Taking a look at Heatsink

As well as checking the heatsink, ensure that your whole PC is cooled. Possibly continue forward if your pc is cool.

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