Spectrum Email isn’t working, How to fix it?

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There are many webmail services available for users. Users would like spectrum emails for its great services and features.

But sometimes users can face "spectrum email problems" such as:

>When the user faces difficulty while sending or receiving emails, 

>When they are constantly receiving spam messages, etc.

List of Possible Reasons for spectrum email problems

The problems faced by users in spectrum email setup or login, the list of that reasons are given below:

  • Because of the Incorrect configuration of server protocols, POP and IMAP 

  • If the user used the wrong or inaccurate Spectrum email account or password. 

  • Operating Spectrum email on an unsecured or unprotected virus device.

  • When there is a technical issue with security software running on the device.

  • The outdated browser or system software running on the device.

  • Poor Internet or Network connection,

  • Not following the Spectrum guidelines,

Ways to fix spectrum email problems on the Android Device:

To check my spectrum email account, users would need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Users need to launch the Spectrum email app and click on "Settings"

  1. Choose the " Add Account" option and click on the "Other" as email provider. 

  1. Enter the Spectrum.net email address.

  1. Select the "spectrum email setup" option.

  1. Choose the "IMAP" Account type

  1. Enter the spectrum User ID and Password.

  1. Enter the incoming and outgoing server settings and Click on the "Next" option.

  1. Choose ‘Email Check Frequency‘ as the preference

  1. Click on "Done" and,

  1. Restart the Android device to solve the spectrum email problems.

Ways to fix spectrum email problems on the iPhone Device:

After removing the previous spectrum account, users can follow the steps to re-add the spectrum email account:

  1. Go to Settings and then "Mail" and choose "Accounts".

  2. Then users must choose their email service provider, and click on the "Add Account".

  3. Click on the "Next" icon, and users would be asked to enter and fill in all the necessary details.

  4. Enter the spectrum email ID and password 

  5. Choose the Account type and select IMAP,

  6. Fill in the details for Incoming and Outgoing server settings.

  7. Enter the ATT account ID and email password 

  8. At last, click on the Save button.

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