How to Search Old tweets – 6 Tried – and – True Methods

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Sometimes users get reminded of some tweets that were tweeted some time ago and when they try to find it on the Twitter they are not able to find it. For such users only this blog has been created we will be looking at the ways for how to search someone’s tweets

Proven ways to look for the old tweets you are trying to find – 

  1. Go for the advanced Twitter search to look for the tweets you want to that were posted previously. 

  2. Go for hawker-style Twitter advanced search to search old tweets

  3. Asking twitter about a complete archive of your tweets might provide you with the tweets you are looking for, like the ones you need to take a look at. 

  4. Looking at all items you have posted on a page with the help of an application by visiting 

  5. Another way to go how to search twitter account, the users can look for the account whose tweet they are looking for. 

  6. The users can also opt for the usage of a way back machine which will get you access to the tweets that were tweeted a year ago or even before that. 


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