How Can I Fix AOL Mail Disappeared Issue?

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The second-best email service provider AOL mail is much loved by millions of users across the world. But these days, loads of reports against AOL emails disappeared are being spotted from thousands of clients. Being a part of the computing environment, AOL emails sometimes show up some glitches. But don’t worry if you are experiencing the same issues with your AOL Emails. This article is designed as a solution to recover deleted AOL emails. 

Steps to Recover Deleted AOL Emails

Disable Spam Mail settings 

It can be possible your Spam folder is marking certain emails as spam, which can be useful for you. You need to locate the settings> spam settings and then select the moderate spam mail set up to recover deleted AOL emails. 

Disable AOL email filter 

Login to your AOL email account from a web browser and navigate the settings gear. Now, check the filter list and remove all the filters. 

Turn off AOL Email forwarding program 

If your AOL email forwarding program is activated, your emails might be delivered to another email that has been set up by you as an additional email. Go to the AOL Settings and disable the forwarding email program. 

Make sure the safety of your AOL email account

If your AOL email account is hacked, the probability of not receiving emails would be high. You should go to your account and reset your password to avoid AOL Email disappeared errors. 

Check your browser and the internet connection 

If the AOL emails are still disappearing from your mailbox, perhaps the browser you are using is unable to load your emails. Clear browser cache and try again. Moreover, check your connectivity for a better experience. 

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