What does it mean when Facebook says you cant use Facebook right now

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Facebook has a huge amount of users counting 220 billion active users per month, with this huge popularity comes huge responsibility. Responsibility for satisfying and ensuring their users for smooth and decent surfing on the internet. But lately, Facebook has been flashing some unwanted notifications like you cannot use Facebook right now disabling users' Facebook account temporarily. 

If you are also getting such notifications, then no need to worry about them, such notifications occur due to false reports, which can be fixed easily.

Why false report happens 

  • Unnecessary spamming of posts or comments can take you to the positions of warning signs such as “you can’t use Facebook right now

  • If you were viewing someone’s post or story and they delete it after a while, you’ll have the notification of “this content isn’t available right now “

  • If you were on some feature of Facebook, and due to some reasons Facebook takes down that feature or halt on that feature, then Facebook will update you with the information with a notification like this “sorry this feature isn’t available right now’’.

How to fix “you can’t use Facebook right now ‘’.

  1. It has happened due to constant spamming of posts or comments, due to which Facebook has dropped your Facebook using authority temporarily. 

  2. If you have crossed the maximum limit of sending requests on Facebook, then also your Facebook access will be taken down temporarily.

  3. Avoid posting frequently and do it in a short gap period.

  4. Wait a while patiently, if your authentication is verified by Facebook, then they will automatically regenerate your access back to Facebook. 

  5. Or if you are still not able to access your Facebook, then try contacting the Facebook help center for further procedure and guidance.

This is a free website created with hPage.com.