Why IS My Yahoo Mail Not Sending Emails?

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Yahoo is an email service provider where you can manage emails or even send or receive the email. So the users have a complaint that their account sometimes faces errors and thus users cannot use the mail as expected. Yahoo not sending emails or receiving emails are the problem that cannot be tolerated by professional people having accounts in yahoo. 

Reasons for the issues in the yahoo mail:

Let me cover a few reasons for you to have an issue in your email account. 

1. When you encounter issues with your internet connection, surely none of your online work is going to run smoothly. 

2. Also when there is an issue in the configuration, you will be facing yahoo issues without any doubt. 

3. In case, if the server settings are incorrect, you will be having issues while sending mail. 

4. If your device storage is full, then you can expect this issue while sending or receiving the mail. 

The reasons given above are the major reasons for you being unable to send emails. 

Have a look at the following:

  • Check whether you have entered your login credentials correctly without any mistake.  

Ways you can fix the error:

First, you will have to check out that your mail is sent to the recipient:

Ensure that the email address of the recipient is typed without any error. If there is an error, how will the receiver get the mail? 

Check on your drafts whether any mail is there in the pending list. Finally, to make sure that there is no issue from your end click on the ‘sent’ to check, your mail has been sent. 

The recipient has to check the following:

If the recipient unknowingly marks you as spam or blocks or adds your mail in filters, the mail will be sent there. 

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This is a free website created with hPage.com.