Process to Recover Temporarily locked Facebook Account

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What is the Process to Recover Temporarily locked Facebook Account?

We are all aware of the top-notch features provided by Facebook, and we love them. But, sometimes, you may overdo a few things that can attract a ban on your account. Don’t worry, and they don’t permanently lock a Facebook unless it is absolutely necessary. 

There could be many reasons why Facebook has locked your account.

  • Profile reported for illegal activity

  • Received multiple warnings for violation of Facebook terms

  • An account is reported for suspicious activity

  • You are involved in spamming other people

Apart from these reasons, your account may also get banned when you download Facebook videos illegally.

So, if you want to recover your temporarily locked Facebook account, then follow the steps listed here. 

Recover Temporarily Locked Facebook Account

To get out of this bind, you have two options, which are listed below. 

Wait for the Ban Period – Well, you can wait for the ban period and let it pass. Whenever they hand a ban to an account, usually, it gets restored in due time. So, it is better to sit this one out rather than doing something provocative. And, you should delete the cache, cookies, and history from your browser or log in with a new account. 

Submit an Appeal – If you think that your account has been locked out by mistake, then you should submit an appeal. There is a procedure to submit an appeal against the ban, and they will review it. Here are the steps:

  • Open your browser and search for the Facebook help page ‘My personal account was disabled’ and open it. 

  • Now, you will have to provide your complete email address and name. 

  • You would also need to provide a government-approved ID card for verification. 

  • And then, click on the Send button and wait for them to reply. 

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