Why I’m not receiving Gmail verification code?

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As we all know that Google plays a vital role in our lives. Most of the applications on our mobile phone are linked with the google account.

Ok, let us see what is a google verification code?

Google verification code contains digits that can be sent to you through either SMS, calls, messages, e-mail, or even voice messages. To secure your Google account on your device, google provides this code. To create new passwords and create a new account on google, this verification code is a must to make sure it's you or any spammers.


Google verification code is important for you to experience and enjoy various services provided by it. If your google account is unable to verify, you can’t use the Google services.

Why you are not receiving the Gmail verification code?

There are few reasons you are failed to receive the code,

  • Your internet connection may be poor to receive e-mails.

  • You may have network problems when receiving SMS and calls.

  • You are using one phone number, you may have given another phone number in your google account.

You will receive google verification code text if you give two-step verification. Here, you will receive the code only in the text. The reason why they are doing this is to make sure you are not a robot and confirm it's you.

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