How do I add AOL mail to my iPhone?

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AT&T has become a very important email service provider over the years, not only because it provides the most reliable security and privacy features to its users, but also because of many other major email service providers such as SBCGlobal .net, Bellsouth, currently Yahoo, etc. have joined forces with it. For the same reason, the number of AT&T users has increased many times in recent years. It is known that most people take their mobile phones with them wherever they go, so the need has also increased to set up AOL email on iphone by which we can access our email accounts at any time to see if any important email has arrived. Also, adding email to your phone provides us with the facility to check our email anywhere, when we do not have access to our laptop or desktop.

Here, we are writing some basic methods to add AOL mail iPhone, if you got stuck at any step or unable to add the AOL mail, then, visit the Ityug247 website to get detailed troubleshooting methods.

Adding AOL Email to Apple Mail

Following are the steps to set up AOL mail to iPhone or iPad and do the AOL mail settings:

  1. Go to your phone’s settings and scroll down in it to find the Mail tap.

  2. Tap on the Mail and then select the Add Account option.

  3. Again, tap the Add Account button.

  4. From the list of service providers, select AOL.

  5. On the next page, enter your AOL email address, password and description.

  6. Tap Next. It will take some time to verify your account.

  7. Once verified, sync your mail with Contact and Calendar, and at last tap on the Finish button. With this, your AOL will be added to your iOS device.

Signing in to AOL Mail app on iOS device

Following are the steps by which you can sign in to the AOL email app on your iOS device:

  1. By opening the app, you will see a bottom menu. Select the Settings icon from there.

  2. Then, select the Manage Accounts option.

  3. Tap on the Add Accounts button.

  4. On the next screen, enter your AOL email address and password.

  5. Tap on the Sign-in button.

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