How to recover deleted Telegram Message?

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In the guide, we are going to tell you about the method with which you can recover your deleted telegram messages on your phone. There are some methods that you can use if you want to know how to recover deleted telegram messages.

Methods to Recover deleted Telegram Messages

Method 1: Telegram’s Undo Delete Feature

There is an in-built feature of the application that you can use to immediately recover the deleted message. Once, you have deleted the message you will see the undo option. You need to click on that option for telegram restore deleted chat. You will get your message back after that.

Method 2: Use Telegram Image’s Folder

All the photos of the Telegram application get saved in the images folder on your mobile phone. So, if you want to recover a photo that you may have deleted form the application then, you can use this folder to get all the photos of the app.

Method 3: Use the Android Cache method

Android users can also use the cache folder of the mobile phone and application to get their photos back. You will see that the cache folder is like a telegram backup. So, you can use this folder to get your messages back.

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