How To Fix This Webpage Is Not Available Error In Google Chrome

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This webpage is not available means google couldn’t find and load this webpage. You might have seen this kind of error many times while searching something on google search.

To fix this problem, you can follow the steps mentioned below:-

Check your network connection

You can see this error because of some network issue. The server doesn’t receive any response, so it shows this error. 

To correct this error, if its because of network failure, make sure:-

  •  Your PC is connected to the correct WiFi

  • There’s no issue with your router or any other cable

  • No wifi hotspot errors

  • There’s no damage to any wires or anything from the service provider’s side

Check your web address

If you see any error message like ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED or ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in your google chrome windows, then you can try the following steps to correct this issue:-

  1. Check the web address (URL) in the address bar to make sure you're going to the right webpage.

  2. Try to open the same webpage on another computer connected to the same network.

  3. If you can't see the webpage on any computer, check if you're connected to the Internet. 

  4. If you are, the webpage might be down.

Delete all cookies of the google chrome browser

Whenever you visit a website cookies (files) will be created by the website you have visited to store information, such as profile or preference for the website. Sometimes a broken cookie file can also cause errors.

  1. To delete all the cookies, open the chrome browser and press ctrl+H command.

  2. Then click clear all browsing data, select time range and clear cookies and other site data.

Change your proxy settings

If the browser is taking a long time to load a webpage or saying webpage is not available whenever you are trying any google search, this error could be because it might be using a web proxy. If your browser window is showing a message resolving proxy, then you might have to change your proxy setting.

  1. To change, go to system settings

  2. Select the network you’re using in the network section.

  3. Select the network name again and then click select proxy.

  4. Change your proxy settings

These are the solutions which will definitely solve your this webpage is not available problem.

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