How do you fix the "SIM not provisioned" error message?

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The 'SIM not provisioned' message is a very common message when people use a new mobile phone or a new SIM card on their device. This error is not very rare as different reasons can be behind the same however, it is not very difficult to fix this error on your device. You can easily fix this issue on your mobile phone as we are going to give you some simple methods here that will help you in knowing how to fix sim not provisioned mm2 error on your mobile phone.

Simple and Quick Fixes to fix SIM not Provisioned error

You can easily use all the methods that we are giving here when you are wondering why is my sim not provisioned? We hope that you can use all the effective methods to fix your issue.

  1. Update Carrier Services on your device

While most issues with a SIM card arise when you use a new SIM card or install it on a new mobile phone, there can be situations when people see the SIM not provisioned error without doing any of these things. This can be because of the Carrier services of your device. You can easily update the carrier services application on your device by looking for it in the settings of your device.

  1. Disable Airplane Mode

Sometimes when your device has enabled the airplane mode on your device then, you can see the SIM not provisioned mm2 message on your device and that is why we recommend that you disable the airplane mode on your device to connect your device to the network carrier. Make sure that you have also turned on the internet of your device. 

  1. Shut down and open your mobile phone

You can also try to shut down and then start your mobile phone when you are facing an issue with your SIM card. This solution is a very effective solution as there are different technical issues and glitches that can be fixed as soon as you restart your mobile phone.

  1. See if the SIM card is inserted correctly

You can also face the issue on your mobile phone if the SIM card has not been inserted correctly on your mobile phone. There can be issues in the SIM slot as well as the SIM card and that is why, we suggest you take out the SIM card and then, re-insert it into the mobile phone.

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