Can You See Who Views Your Instagram? How to Access your IG Stalkers?

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While surfing through Instagram there is one question that comes into every person’s mind. You always wonder who visited my Instagram profile or who is looking up at my Insta profile.

IG may never tell us who is stalking- oops sorry, viewing our profile but it does not mean that we don’t want to know. I know every one of us has a curious mind. So, our blog will tell you how you can access that information.

How can you see who is lurking at your Instagram profile?

Instagram does not have any specific feature that tells you who all are viewing your Instagram profile. You can check generally using your Instagram feed and see who is continuously liking your posts and commenting on them. You can also see who sees your IG stories regularly to know about someone who is not in your following yet visits your profile. This is a very good way to know who sees your Instagram profile without using any alternative application.

 But do not worry there are many third-party apps that help you when you want to know who viewed my Instagram profile.

Apps that tell you if someone viewed your Instagram profile

If you are interested in knowing who is viewing your Instagram profile regularly then, you need to download these third-party applications on your mobile phone rather than doing insta login. We have given separate lists for both iOS and Android users, and the lists contain both free and paid options.


  • Analyzer plus

  • FollowMeter

  • IG Reports + Follower Analyzer 

  • Profile +

  • Reports For Followers

  • Visitors pro App


  • Follower Analyzer for Instagram App

  • Follower Insight for Instagram, Tracker, Analyzer pp

  • FollowMeter

  • InMyStalker

  • InReports

  • Profile + Followers & Profiles tracker

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