Why is my Facebook app not working on my iPhone?

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Facebook is a great platform for connecting with people and finding long-lost friends. However, sometimes it happens that people often face Facebook App Not Working on iPhone issues. This is a typical issue nowadays. Below we have mentioned some of the simple ways by going through which your problem of Facebook App in your iOS device might get solved.

Method-1: Download the Latest Version of the App

If you have not updated your Facebook app for a long while, then you should uninstall it and install the latest version of the app from your device’s app store. Sometimes, Facebook not working arise when some of the old features get disabled when newer features are added or previous ones are updated. Therefore, to get the maximum efficiency from the app, you should always keep them updated to date.

Method-2: Ensure Steady Internet Connection

You can face Facebook not working issues when your connectivity to the internet is poor or not steady. In this case, you need to ensure that the connection is stable and the internet speed is high enough to dodge the buffering. Also, make sure that your phone is not set on Airplane mode, otherwise, the Facebook App won’t load.

Method-3: Reboot your iOS device

Sometimes, the app running in the background takes a lot of RAM and internet data. Therefore, you either need to remove the app from the background and can restart your phone which will automatically remove all the apps running in the background.

Method-4: Clear Browser’s Cache

If you are using Facebook through its website and are not able to login into it or if the website is not opening, then this might be due to corrupted cache files stored in the browser. Therefore, you need to clear all the cookies and cache files from the browser and then try to access your Facebook account.

This is a free website created with hPage.com.