Best Way To Eject Water From IPhone Using Siri Shortcuts

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how to eject water from an iPhone

No one in today's world leaves his phone even for a minute. People take mobile phones with them even when they are going to take a bath because they want to listen to music. Thus, it is possible that some water droplets can go inside the speaker grills. People are looking for solutions to eject water from the speakers. iPhones have an in-built feature to eject water from the speaker. Find out below how to eject water from an iPhone

Way to Eject Water from iphone

Method 1 

  1. Go to your browser and get the water eject shortcut 

  2. Now, open this shortcut and select the water eject option 

  3. The process will take about 15 seconds, a notification will also come to inform you that your task is complete 

Method 2 

  1. If you have the set up of Siri assistant then hive command to your Siri 

  2. Say 'Hey Siri, water eject'

  3. It will take 15 seconds till the task gets completed 


The two best methods are in front of you to use the water eject process. For more articles related to iPhones, readers can visit our site Ityug247. You will get amazing articles there. I hope the information provided in this article is of your benefit. 

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